If you are thinking of selling your home and don’t want to take on large renovation projects, consider the following quick fixes, which can help maximize property value and appeal:

1. Make the front entrance inviting.
Stand outside your home and take an objective look. You can boost your home’s curb appeal by tidying flowerbeds, putting mulch around tree and shrub bases, and clearing foliage away from windows. You should consider a fresh coat of paint for the front door and perhaps some potted plants. Make the entryway as inviting as possible.

2. Clear away clutter.
Most homes become over-furnished and cluttered over time. You’re eventually going to have to pack all that stuff anyway so may as well do it now. Remove as much clutter as possible. Personal items and items that reflect religious or political affiliations should be removed. You want people to imagine themselves in your home and certain personal objects can turn whole groups of potential buyers away. Kitchen counters should be cleared of most small appliances and other clutter.

3. Clean the house thoroughly.
You’ll need to clean the house from top to bottom and might consider hiring a cleaning service while your home is on the market. Windows should be washed inside and out to let as much light in as possible. Bathrooms and kitchens should be spotless. Check ceilings and crown moldings for cobwebs. Clean closets and other storage areas as these are usually scutinized by buyers.

4. Arrange furniture for spaciousness.
Re-arrange furniture to make rooms look larger. Remove any unnecessary or exess pieces if possible. Rooms can look much larger when furniture is arranged properly.

5. Freshen the appearance of rooms.

A new coat of paint can be a relatively inexpensive way to freshen a room (stick to neutral colors). A new comforter or bedspread and a few nice throw pillows can enhance a bedroom. Pay special attention to master bedrooms and bathrooms. Remove and/or replace any heavy window treatments. Letting as much light in as possible and enhancing any views is very important.

6. Do all you can to reduce odors.
Nothing turns a buyer off more than a bad odor. If you smoke, quit, or at least stop smoking in the house. Do you have pets? You need to do everything you can to minimize offensive odors. Have carpets and drapes professionaly cleaned if necessary. Scented candles and other room deoderizors can help.

7. Perform minor repairs, if necessary.

You might consider having a home inspection prior to putting your house on the market and then making whatever minor repairs you can. At the least, doors and window should open and close properly, appliances should all be working, replace any burnt-out light bulbs and patch any holes in walls/ceilings. Ceilings should be clean and without signs of past damage such as water spots.

8. Replace outdated light fixtures.
If you have any old out-dated light fixtures consider replacing them with something new. You can purchase a new light fixture for as little as $15 to $25 and that can go a long way towards enhancing a room.

9. Don’t forget the garage and basement.

Buyers want to know that a home has enough storage room. Make sure that basements and garages are clean and free of clutter. Consider replacing an old, wooden garage door with a roll-up door and automatic opener.

10. Paint the exterior.

If time and budget allow, paint the home’s exterior with a neutral color and a contrasting trim coat. Experts say a fresh coat of exterior paint can boost a home’s resale value by 10 percent.

Courtesy of HGTV