Some people might be surprised to find out that I do “Home Staging” in addition to selling real estate.

I started doing staging about 2 years ago, as a favor for a friend. My friend was putting his house on the market and listing the property with me and I offered some advice on making the home more attractive. This is something I did for all customers and it usually went no further than some advice/tips/suggestions that sort of thing. In this particular case he was simply too busy to do what I suggested and offered to pay for materials if I did the work. It was a fairly simple job that involved painting a couple of rooms and sprucing things up with some new artwork and window treatments.
It took about 10 hours of my time and the house looked amazing when I was finished. The house ended up selling within 3 days with multiple offers (over asking price) and thus my side-career as a Home Stager was born. Since then I’ve staged dozens of homes and condos. Home staging is simply another way of saying “decorating” with the emphasis on making the property more attractive to potential buyers. Staging can be as simple as re-arranging furniture and de-cluttering all the way to furnishing a vacant house. Staging a home can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to many thousands of dollars depending on what’s needed. My average staging job is probably around $2500.00, which in the big scheme of things is a small price to pay if it means your home will sell faster and for a higher price. Consider the following statistics:

A typical home buyer decides if they are attracted to
a home within 8 to 10 seconds.

Only 10% of home buyers can actually visualize the
potential of a home.

U.S. Housing and Urban Development reports a staged home sells 17% higher than an un-staged home, on average.

Staged homes sell on average 6.32% over the listed price, un-staged homes only average at 1.6%.

The New York Village Voice reported that the average number of days on the market
for a staged house was 13.9 days versus 30.9 for an un-staged house.

In short, staging a home can really help sell the property, especially in a down market. I recently staged 3 model units at a condo development in Dorchester, The Schoolhouse at Lower Mills (see picture above). We had two offers within a week of the units going on the market and both were for the “staged” model units. I’ve had similar success with single family homes so if you know someone who’s having a hard time selling their home you might suggest “staging” as a solution. It’s often less expensive to invest in some staging than it would be to lower the asking price on a property.
So keep in mind that I offer Home Staging services (in addition to full real estate services) and am happy to provide complimentary estimates.